Collation Conflicts in SQL Server

by Matt 14. December 2011 11:29
I was writing a query that involved a join on two tables in two different databases on the same server. It turns out that the tables had two different collations [More]
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MVC3 Deployment Checklist

by Matt 5. December 2011 11:14
This is more for my reference than anything, but every one in a while I deploy a new MVC 3.0 app that doesn't have the framework installed on the s... [More]
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Exclusive access could not be obtained because the database is in use" when performing a Microsoft SQL 2008 database restore.

by Matt 1. December 2011 10:58
  This error can be a real pain when having to restore backup files between different servers, or even your local machine.  One way to be su... [More]
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