NHibernate Cascade Options Explained

by Matt 30. March 2010 00:23
NHibernate offers several cascading options. Consider the behaviour of each, and choose the best option for your app. [More]
Categories: NHibernate

Retrieving DynamicEntity in Dynamics CRM 4.0 To Access Custom Properties Of An Entity In Your Workflow

by Matt 30. March 2010 00:10
I've been working with Dynamics CRM 4.0 for a while now, and last week had to write the most complicated workflow I've ever done. [More]
Categories: ASP.NET | CRM | C#

Hosting an MVC Application on XP (IIS 5.1)

by Matt 22. March 2010 00:40
Getting an MVC 2.0 application running on my XP Pro box under IIS 5.1 was a fairly painless process, contrary to the feelings conveyed in many blog posts I had read on the subject. [More]
Categories: IIS | MVC

Put A Custom Button In The Toolbar Of A CRM Entity

by Matt 8. March 2010 20:23
I recently needed to add a button to the toolbar on the details form for the Case entity on Dynamics CRM 4.0. This was much easier than I had expected. [More]
Categories: CRM | ASP.NET