by Matt 26. November 2009 20:31
In my last post on PDC09, I wrote about Silverlight 4 Beta. Another announcement I'm quite excited about is MVC 2.0 Beta, which was made by Bob Muglia in his keynote speech. [More]
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PDC 09: Silverlight 4

by Matt 22. November 2009 23:42
Well PDC09 wrapped up on Thursday afternoon but the discussion and excitement it generated is still creating much buzz. [More]

NDC 2009

by Matt 13. November 2009 00:04
While I finish up the few remaining videos from Michelle's WCF webcast series, I'm going to start downloading a 30gig collection of the presentations from the 2009 Norwegian Developers Conference. [More]
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WCF in 20 Hours

by Matt 11. November 2009 20:59
During a recent job search, I couldn't help but notice the number of job descriptions with WCF in the skillset. It was more than enough to get me thinking that perhaps its about time to start learning the remaining pieces of .NET 3.0 considering, you know, 4.0 has been in public beta for almost half a year. [More]
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